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Samuel East


Wordpress Plugins, PHP, CSS, Forms, Cheap Affordable Website Development, and Design at great Affordable Prices and Value for Money.


Wordpress Plugins

S3audible Cloud Music Player

s3audible Based on Amazon S3 Web Services is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to stream music directly from your Amazon s3 account, sign up for a account at you can then manage and control your playlists. S3audible will play on multiple devices being a html5 player it ...
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WP Approve Posts Pages Plugin

I created this simple plugin to allow wordpress users to be able to sort through the posts added to the blog. I am planning to expand on this plugin, any suggestions please contact me Features Allow full control over which posts you want to add to your sidebar or within a section of ...
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Amazon S3, Music Player, Mp3 Player

Example off the player. [isimpledesigns3player] I created this plugin just to make it easy for someone to insert a music player into their blog and they can change the mood and feel off music day by day. == Installation == Upload the iSimpleDesign Amazon S3 Music Player Plugin to your blog, Activate it, Navigate to ...
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WP Clicktell SMS Text Message Plugin

Here is a example off the plugin please test. [sms] == Description == I created this simple plugin to use clicktells api text system it basically displays a form using the shortcode [ sms ] within any post or page so people can just send you a text instantly to your phone or ...
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WordPress RSS Blog Feed Plugin

== Description == I created this simple plugin to pull in feeds from a category from our blog so that we can promote to our clients from the dashboard. == Installation == Upload the ISD Feeds plugin to your blog, Activate it, 1, 2: You’re done! == Changelog == Nothing to add yet!! = 1.0 = [download ...
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Wordpress Plugin Development

Currently we have been working on Wordpress plug-in development having the ability to create custom plug-in for our clients is great as we can now tailor them specifically. View More »

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Here at iSimpleDesign we take SEO and Website management very seriously as we are always striving to be at the top off our game, keeping ahead off the competition.

Content Management Systems

We offer an wide range off CMS systems Wordpress and Joomla to name a few, with a CMS you will be able to manage all you content and users etc... View More », all rights reserved.

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