Here is a example off the plugin please test.

== Description ==

I created this simple plugin to use clicktells api text system it basically displays a form using the shortcode [ sms ] within any post or page so people can just send you a text instantly to your phone or a number off choice.

This is in its very basic stages at the moment but i am hoping to really extend this plugin in the coming months.

= Features =

Sends a SMS text to any phone as long as you prefix 44 instead off 0 i.e 447702220558

== Installation ==

Upload the ISD Clicktell Text Plugin to your blog, Activate it, and then use the shortcode [ sms ] anywhere within your template, if you have any ideas for this plugin please contact me.

1, 2: You’re done!

iSimpleDesign clicktell SMS Plugin

You can also download from the WordPress Plugin Directory WordPress Link

If you need instructions in setting up a Clicktell account please view this article here Setting up Clicktell Account.

5 thoughts on “WP Clicktell SMS Text Message Plugin

    • Hi joe
      I would be happy to help can you give me some more details off the problem.

      issues that may fix it.
      Make sure you have signed up for a clickatell account

      Make sure their is no spaces between the [ sms ]

      Make sure you use a valid uk number with 44 at the front missing the first zero.

  1. hey i installed this plug in on my blog and it is not working… can you help me get this fixed?what is my api key ,user name and password ?How I’ll create my account ?

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