Example off the player.

I created this plugin just to make it easy for someone to insert a music player into their blog and they can change the mood and feel off music day by day.

== Installation ==

Upload the iSimpleDesign Amazon S3 Music Player Plugin to your blog, Activate it,

Navigate to the menu.

You will need an amazon account to use this.

Add your amazon information amazon key and amazon secret key that can be found through your account.

Then just add a bucket to your account add folders if you want then upload all your music.

Make sure you make all your music in your buckets and folders are public by right clicking on folder and make public.

Then just add the name off your bucket and a folder if you like and then the music player will play you music.

insert into your theme with the following.

If you would like to put this feed within your template please use the following code

<?php isd_s3player(); ?>

If you would like to put this feed within a post or page use the following code.

[ four3s3player ]

1, 2: You’re done!

This plugin will only play .mp3 files use software like LameDrop to convert your files to .mp3 format

Link to LameDrop


Download the plugin below its currently beta


Amazon s3 player

You can try out our new free amazon s3 music player below. http://s3audible.com/

32 thoughts on “Amazon S3, Music Player, Mp3 Player

  1. Hi there

    I have managed to get player onto wordpress page. Have added all details re amazon activation and also folder. I have made folder and file public

    As yet though it does not come up in player?

    Also is it possible to change heght dimension to make it smaller?

    It looks great though!


  2. is there a way to have the player justify to the center or left? it always takes the top page position. I’d like to place it in the page where i would like it to be? thanks!

  3. Great little player, I know you are going to do a widget…. do you have and ETA on that being done?

    Can we use it in a “text” widget now using the shortcode?

  4. Hi – Great post and very interesting plugin. I have not seen anthing like this before.

    Whilst this does not relate directly to your plugin are the costs competitively priced on amazon s3?


  5. Hi, Ive hit a problem ( maybe you can help ). I set up a bucket, added a folder to which i added an MP3 file which has permission to be public.

    I set up the plugin with the security details, same bucket name however the folder associated with that bucket is not displayed in the folder list option. Nothing is.

    I saved – refreshed browser still no folder, tried with no folder and the still no mp3 is displayed.

    really keen to showcase this plugin – any advice is appreciated.

    Kind regards


  6. This would be awesome for buddypress with members having their own accounts and the player being on their profile page.. Is that possible?

    • Yes definitely possible working on something similar to that at the moment should release in two weeks.

  7. For all those having issues with it not working.

    Their seems to be an issue with the encoding on some amazon keys.

    If you can edit the source code open playlist.php in the plugin folder and then just enter your secret key and amazon key manually.

    edit these lines.
    //AWS access info
    if (!defined(‘awsAccessKey’)) define(‘awsAccessKey’, $store[0]);
    if (!defined(‘awsSecretKey’)) define(‘awsSecretKey’, $store[1]);

    //AWS access info
    if (!defined(‘awsAccessKey’)) define(‘awsAccessKey’, ‘enter your amazon key here’);
    if (!defined(‘awsSecretKey’)) define(‘awsSecretKey’, ‘enter your secret key here’);

    Hope this helps you.

    • Hi Sam

      I followed the instruction and edited the playlist.php file to show the access key and secret key but still no folder is visible in the backend.

      Anything else that I can try?


  8. Hi Sam,

    Really ken to get this working, are you able to provide any further assistance?

    kind Regards


  9. Not sure if you know but your link from WP is broke it has an extra http: in the URL….(from the Plugin Homepage link)

  10. whoah this blog is fantastic i like reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You know, lots of individuals are looking round for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  11. I installed this on a website I am doing for a band and they love it.

    One issue: Can we turn off the “auto-play” functionality??

    How would I go about doing this???



  12. I really wanted this plugin to work. Downloaded version 1.2, set up my Amazon account, mp3s, made them public , and nothing came through to the plugin. Whats up with that?


    • Hi shawn can you try playing through http://s3audible.com/ as i have set this up a similar way if you sign up, then enter your s3 details your tracks should play. let me now how you get on.

  13. Hello,
    I’m getting an error in the gray bar above the playlist. It says “XML Error”.

    I’v tried the “edit the playlist.php” fix described above,; but no joy.

    website is still in beta. let me know if you need access to the actual page.

  14. Everyone should checkout our new s3audible website a free amazon s3 audio player create your own spotify upload directly to your s3 bucket, use on mobile ipad and app to come. Feedback wanted ;) thanks everyone sign up here http://s3audible.com/

  15. Hi,
    This is a great add on ! Thank you. 2 Quick questions, will you be making it available to drag and drop in the Widget Area ? Secondly, is there any way to control the volume so that it’s not defaulted to the highest ?

    Thanks do much for your awesome efforts.


  16. hello!!! this is a great plugin but i have installed it, its showing on my site but no volume despite having surround speakers and the pc’s volume….. still no sound. please is there anyway that you can help

  17. Hi there are choosing WordPress to your website system? Iam new at all to the blog globe but. Iam trying to get began and hang up my own, personal. Furthermore, i found out about Drupal is okay. Might find my own choice…. Educational submit, thank you.

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