Currently still working on this but thought i would just pop the demo up for people to see, i am using the undesigned Amazon S3 class and i am looping throught the bucket to display all the images which are currently being resized using this great function.

I am currently trying to sort out the bug where it wont recognise file names with space it upload fine but they will not display at this moment.

Here is the demo link.

view the demo here

5 thoughts on “Amazon S3 Direct Multiple File Upload Progress Bar

  1. Hi

    This looks brilliant! Will you be sharing how you did this?

    I’m really interested in getting this to work on my site.


  2. Hi,

    Will you be releasing this code for the public? Love to have this handy tool. One thing I noticed though, after you upload the files, is it suppose to load automatically to the rest of the images below? Currently, after I’m done uploading, I have to refresh the browser to see the images I have uploaded.

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