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Samuel East


Interested in every aspect of online comunication and marketing through the web.


Amazon S3 Media Streaming The Easy Way

Hi All After searching around the web looking for amazon s3 video audio images streaming functionality we finially found https s3bubble com s3bubble allows use to stream video and audio with thei
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S3Bubble New Amazon S3 Streaming Media Player

Hi all You need to checkout s3bubble com a great amazon s3 streaming plugin It syncs up with your amazon s3 account and allows you to stream audio and video directly onto your blogs via our gre
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Audibase now released with 200mb off free storage

Audibase is the simple solution for putting copies of your podcasts interviews sermons music and any audio content online h2 Try a free trial now h2 a href http audibase com Audibase
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Beta S3fileshare – Amazon s3 file viewer

Currently looking for ideas with s3fileshare it has been created because i have found it really useful for clients with the ability to upload video images and share with other people a href http
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Twitatoo – Twitter image url / file uploader

Twitatoo is a image uploader that allow you to post image directly onto your twitter timeline upload or paste url in directly preview image and then add with tweet I needed to add the ability to
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S3audible Cloud Music Player

s3audible Based on Amazon S3 Web Services is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to stream music directly from your Amazon s3 account sign up for a account at s3audible com you can then manage and
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New Amazon S3 Html5 Audio Player – Beta Version

s3audible h2 You can find it on the wordpress plugin directory here h2 a href http wordpress org extend plugins s3audible amazon s3 music player http wordpress org extend plugins s3au
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s3fileshare solution for sharing files between clients family and friends – Direct amazon s3 flash upload

s3 file share is a free amazon s3 file viewer You can view and share files also as a power user you can allow clients friends family to add and allocate storage Share and send large file between cl
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New social coding website Devsforrest

Developer Forrest is a great social snippet solution where you can share snips add groups or keep private to users within your group And let the online community share snippets with ease coders soci
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Check out s3audible based on amazon s3 web services

Free amazon s3 music player upload tracks directly to your amazon s3 buckets create buckets sync locally create your very own spotify a href http s3audible com Sign up free here a Please giv
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World News Translate

With WNT you can find and connect with other people who share in your same views Sign in or create an account to start creating and joining groups find others and share views Have your say trans
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Php Secure Info WP Plugin

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New twitter video message and chat mashup

Hi all I have been working on a twitter messaging and video chat application I have been working extensively with twitter api and it has allow me to send direct messages allows for users to reques
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Calling all beta testers – New Amazon S3 html5 wordpress plugin

Hi All Here is a new Amazon S3 wordpress plugin that i have been working on i am looking for people to test for me and tell me if their are any bugs before i submit to the wordpress svn Downloa
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Insert live twitter feed on your website.

To add a live twitter feed to your website please just add the code anywhere you would like it to show within your template pre class brush php lt iframe src http twoogle co uk twitter live f
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Mr Domain Checker – Bulk Domain Checker

vimeo http vimeo com 31591522 vimeo Just released this great online app use to check bulk domains it will also save your search depending on you ip address has been a great tool for me to che
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How to list child catgeories from the main category id

Below is a quick tip on how to list child categories off the current category Put it inside the loop pre class brush php lt php cat object wp query gt get queried object cat pa
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WP Approve Posts Pages Plugin

I created this simple plugin to allow wordpress users to be able to sort through the posts added to the blog I am planning to expand on this plugin any suggestions please contact me Features
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Adding Extra Column To WordPress Table

Here is just a quick tip i needed to add an extra column to one off wordpress database table apon activation here is the code pre class brush php function isdwpposts activate This is all
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iSimpleDesign – Live Validation – all browsers

In this blog post i am going to show you a technique i stumbled across when looking for a good validation solution i have been looking for a good validation solution for a while now something similar
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Wordpress Plugin Development

Currently we have been working on Wordpress plug-in development having the ability to create custom plug-in for our clients is great as we can now tailor them specifically. View More »

Titanium Mobile
App Development

Here at iSimpleDesign we take SEO and Website management very seriously as we are always striving to be at the top off our game, keeping ahead off the competition.

Content Management Systems

We offer an wide range off CMS systems Wordpress and Joomla to name a few, with a CMS you will be able to manage all you content and users etc... View More », all rights reserved.

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