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Samuel East


Online Social Communication and Development!

Love To Code ;)



Amazon S3 Music Player

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We offer a great maintenance package where we monitor and check the progress off your website checking for broken links images and testing the full functionality off your website making sure your website is always working for you.

S3audible WP Plugin

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s3audible is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to stream music directly from your Amazon s3 account, sign up for a account at you can then manage and control your playlists. S3audible will play on multiple devices…


Developer Forrest, Code Snips

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Developer Forrest is a great social snippet solution where you can share snips, add groups or keep private to users within your group. And let the online community share snippets with ease coders social networking.


Wordpress Plugin Development

Currently we have been working on Wordpress plug-in development having the ability to create custom plug-in for our clients is great as we can now tailor them specifically. View More »

Titanium Mobile
App Development

Here at iSimpleDesign we take SEO and Website management very seriously as we are always striving to be at the top off our game, keeping ahead off the competition.

Content Management Systems

We offer an wide range off CMS systems Wordpress and Joomla to name a few, with a CMS you will be able to manage all you content and users etc... View More », all rights reserved.

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